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March 08, 2008



There are two types of SEO: one is Black SEO another is White SEO. So people should aware of what type of SEO they implementing into their website.


As an in-house SEO who's looking to dabble in some consulting on the side, this was really helpful.


This is indeed a very good article and points out some real truths. I especially agree with the point - "A good SEO audit will open management's eyes". Most of our clients say the same - the biggest benefit is to have an external agency come in and kickstart management into acting rather than ignoring internal SEO suggestions.

Goran Giertz

were can I go and see some completed audits from successful SEO companies.

Jessica Bowman


No one that I know of makes a completed SEO audit available for a couple of reasons - first, an SEO audit contains a lot of information and recommendations that someone has paid for and will not want available for competitors to see. A second reason is that no successful SEO company wants their competition to see what they do in an SEO audit.

Not what you wanted to hear, but the reality.

Goran Giertz

Hi Jessica

Thank you for your response. It makes sense. We have been purchasing basic audits from smaller firms to get ideas.

We will in time purchase the audits you mention above.

Have an exSEOllent 2008

Mark Shotwell

It should be pointed out that before paying for an SEO audit, it's of paramount importance to know that the firm you're planning to engage really has a grasp of the goods or services you're selling, especially in the case of B2B software and technology. I've seen many of firms come in charge $10k+ and deliver a level of understanding that supports only B2C mom and pop retail sites. Naturally if you're a mid-level B2B, you can expect to pay more for a firm that will really take time to review your offerings.

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