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March 10, 2008



Hello Jessica:

Apologize for being late a little. We had the first SEO Asian Event (Conference), that took place in Karachi on 13'th of May in the Expo center. here in the Pakistan, it was the first SEO conference that took place. We did not here expected lots of community joining in here, but we had about 50 SEO Companies, from China, India, Turkey, Iran, Italy, Belgium and other parts of world attended the conference. It was good being there, getting friends, knowledge, partnerships, affiliations and whole lota more.

We are expected to have to have couple more tiny SEO Events, and I will update you in this regard. So this might help you a little get more information about the SEO Asia, as well as, maybe you could get a ticket to fly down to this part of world as well :)

All the best.. and have a good weekend ahead.

Regards - Tina

Leslie Carruthers

Great resource - you are so right - there are so many great conferences it is difficult to choose and even schedule. Thanks for this!

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