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February 15, 2008



Eww, hugging a Y! engineer - I assume you had to resort to burning all your clothes afterwards in order to get rid of the smell?

All the best!

Dan Perry

Wow, I only wish I had a position open. I'm not worried about you finding something; I just know how hard it is to find someone like you.

Enough of the gushing. Looking forward to the seoinhouse.com goods!

Hawaii SEO

What a drag. I absolutely hate switching jobs for whatever reason.

I won't be at SMX West but I'll be closely following the coverage. I think it would be a huge benefit to the audience if you would speak about job seeking (While employed & unemployed) and transitioning from one job to another.

I believe this is a very relevant topic for the session because EVERYONE needs to deal with the situation at some point in their carrier.

I wish you all the best.


battery seo

I am a chinese .could I join you? I have do seo job for more than two years

Dhara Desai

I am open for job, hire me :)


one door closes another one opens !
i wish i had more time to do all the projects i want to do but i spend too much time doing other peoples projects there is no time left to do my own lol.I wish you good luck and i will stop by again for updates


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