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December 03, 2007


David Temple

Just finished reading your article and was amazed at how it parallels coming into an ad agency that is new to seo. (Just give me a tenth of those tv ad budgets ;). I'm in the early reality stage, yikes! Fortunately I've nurtured relationships in the honeymoon phase. As an agency, I like the hybrid model the best. It's great to have someone on the client side that does all the heavy lifting and understands search. Baby stepping and ally cultivating, great advice and my new motto.


I've nurtured relationships in the honeymoon phase


I really liked the "life cycle" approach to your article. I can definitely see we are in the honeymoon phase @ work!

Influencing the SEO/SEM practice globally, among 30 subsidiaries is something I am looking into further.

Small Business SEO - Terry Reeves

I started "in house" at the beginning of this year and have enjoyed the experience. The company is small and very profitable but things have been moving a little slower than I would have allowed if they were my client.

As a SEO consultant, you carry the weight and set the time line, in most instances. As a SEO employee, the boss males the decisions and sets the clock for what needs to be done.

Fortunately I have been able to demonstrate my abilities and I am now given the power and budget to set the agenda.

Looks like I am giving them one more year.

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