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October 17, 2007


Paul J. Bruemmer

Hi Jessica, excellent article "Bringing SEO In-House" you wrote recently in Search Marketing Standard magazine! I've been watching companies go through this thought process for many years; it appears your "Hybrid" describes by far the best method for companies hiring an SEO. With 12 years of SEO behind me, I find there are far too many SEO issues for one individual or team to handle alone, especially when we consider the "new job" factor. It always takes 3-6 months to acclimate to a "new job," and doing this in addition to SEO integration is far to ambitious. Most companies realize this after several months, even years later; and then hire the consultant to bring-in and assist the team. For companies who want to hit it out of the park in the first year (start-ups or highly competitive markets) I would encourage they seriously embrace your Hybrid model. Best regards, Paul

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