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June 06, 2007


David Temple

Jessica, nice review. Good idea to provide reviews for conferences as they seem to be popping up everywhere. One thing though, as an industry insider wouldn't it be great if you had a newbie's perspective as well? Maybe you can interview some at the next conference.

Dave Dugdale


I am glad to hear someone else was not happy with the duplicate content between conferences - I wrote my thoughts about it here:

However overall I thought it was a good show.



Thanks for the SMX review Jessica, easily the best one I've read.

I love how in-house consultants are sometimes treated as second class citizens at conferences! Everywhere you turn someone is trying to get you to outsource ;)

Good to see SMX had a lot of in-house networking.

Bummed out I couldn't attend, but I think I can only hit one overseas conference per year!


Great review. I agree with you on most points. The SEOmoz party was a bit wilder than the rest, to say the least. There is a video on the SEOmoz site and some pics on my blog if you want a laugh!

Ken Savage

Danny Sullivan in Lederhosen? Is he Irish or German now. Sexy Danny!

rolling stones

consultants are sometimes treated as second class citizens

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